All Robert S Hames guitars are covered by a limited lifetime warranty, which is valid for as long as I am actively building guitars. They are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials or workmanship. I will repair or replace, at my discretion, the guitar or part of the guitar, should it be found to be defective.

Guitars are prone to damage as a result of exposure to extremes of temperature and relative humidity (RH). All my instruments are constructed in an environment that is kept at between 40% and 48% RH, and this warranty is contingent on the instrument being kept in a similar environment. Repairs necessitated as a result of damage caused by RH issues are not covered under this warranty. I will be happy to repair them at reasonable rates.


  • Warranty applies to the original owner only.
  • Normal wear and tear caused by normal day to day use.
  • Damage caused by temperature and/or RH exposure.
  • Missing serial number.
  • Damage caused by accident or misuse.