About Me


IMG_1266Although a relative newcomer to guitar making, my entire adult life has been dedicated to the pursuit of woodworking in both my personal and working life.

I started out working as a “solids man” in the store fixture industry, responsible for the preparation, planing, shaping of all solid wood components.

Later on I ran a small business that manufactured Hickory handles for plastic Lacrosse heads. We also handmade solid, steam bent Hickory Lacrosse sticks.

The pursuit of good quality Hickory lumber led me into the sawmill industry. I ran a 4-5 man sawmill operation, sawing domestic hardwoods into grade lumber, primarily Hard Maple and Basswood. I wore many hats in this operation, sawyer, grader, sawfiler, secretary……… well you get the idea!

In my personal life I have carved, turned, made furniture, canoes, and built the home my wife Cathy & I, live in to this day.

When in my early fifties I started to think of slowing down a bit, I decided to pursue building guitars. In 2007 I attended The Summit School of Guitar Building on Vancouver Island, Canada, for an 8 week acoustic guitar building course. A fantastic experience to say the least, I left with 2 (well almost 2) great sounding instruments. I then spent the following 3 years setting up my shop in my home, designing prototypes and building a number of instruments for close family and friends.

Prior to making the decision to attend The Summit School, I tried to find instruction closer to home and came across a luthier, Sheldon Schwartz, with a shop near Loretto, Ontario. I contacted him and told him what I was looking for. He politely told me that he was far too busy for teaching at the moment, but would love to hear of my experience should I attend school. On my return I took him up on his offer and am very glad I did so. Sheldon has incredible talent and has been a constant source of inspiration, education and encouragement. I am very grateful. Please make sure to drop by his web site to check out his superb instruments. http://www.schwartzguitars.com/

In Dec 2011 I had the opportunity to attend a short course at The American School of Lutherie taught by Charles Fox. With 40 years of experience under his belt and an outstanding command of jigs, fixtures, processes and all things guitar, I learned a great deal in a very short time. You can visit Charles’ site at http://www.charlesfoxguitars.com/

A perfectionist by nature, I believe that this is reflected in my guitars. Of course every aspect of my instruments is important to me, but none more so than the sound. My goal is to provide you with an instrument with good balance and response as well as superior fit & finish.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to contact me with any questions.